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Video is the most important part of an effective marketing strategy. It needs to be consistent, though. That's where we can help!

Retainer Packages

Retainer Package
/ mo
Includes (per month)
Two 1-Minute Videos
Four 15-Second Videos
2 Full Days of Filming
Up to 3 hours of Production Planning
Retainer Package
/ mo
Includes (per month)
One 1-Minute Video
Three 15-Second Videos
Full Day of Filming
One Hour of Production Planning
Retainer Package
/ mo
Includes (per month)
Three 15-Second Videos
Full Day of Filming

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What is a Video Retainer Package

Picture this: You're aiming to produce a specific number of high-quality videos every month. Rather than juggling multiple video production companies or dealing with the uncertainty of one-off projects, a retainer offers a streamlined solution. It's a long-standing agreement between you and a trusted video agency, typically spanning 6 to 12 months.

During this period, the video agency becomes your in-house marketing team, dedicated to creating impactful, consistent video content that aligns seamlessly with your key messaging. This partnership not only saves you time and resources but also ensures that your marketing schedule remains integrated and efficient.

The Benefits of a Video Retainer Package

Let's delve into the core benefits that a video retainer brings to the table:

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1. Priority Access

By reserving a set amount of the agency's time, you secure priority access to their expertise. Say goodbye to the hassle of competing for attention amidst other clients' projects. With a retainer, your brand remains at the forefront, receiving undivided attention and seamless coordination for all your video content needs.

2. Streamlined Project Management

We believe that communication is the most important part of any project! That’s why we built our own exclusive project management portal. This portal allows you to do the following.

  • Start a new project as part of your retainer
  • Send messages
  • Add & assign tasks
  • Upload files
  • Review video edits and download deliverables

Check out a sample project on the portal here.

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3. Save Time and Money

Gone are the days of endless procurement and briefing cycles. With a trusted video production company on retainer, you bypass the time-consuming tasks of sourcing and onboarding new agencies for each project. This streamlined approach not only saves time but also ensures consistent quality and brand alignment across all your video endeavors.

It doesn’t just save you time, though. It also saves us onboarding time, which is why we offer significant discounts for retainer packages.


  • 3 Month Retainer Package - 5% discount
  • 6 Month Retainer Package - 10% discount
  • 12 Month Retainer Package - 15% discount

4. Increase Quality and Consistency

Just like any successful relationship, working with a video agency on retainer fosters a deeper understanding and synergy over time. As they become intimately acquainted with your brand and objectives, the quality of their output evolves, resulting in compelling, resonant content that captivates your audience and strengthens your brand identity.

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From concept to creation to circulation, we believe in taking the stress out of the creative process.

Others say

good things

My company, Southwestern Consulting, and I have been using Push Focus for months for a variety of projects--promo videos, training videos, events. If you need a videographer who understands corporate branding and goals, Push Focus is it. They're also great communicators and listen well to our feedback.
Katherine Rowley
Marketing Director, Southwestern Consulting
From Nashville Software School's first encounter, Push Focus Media has worked to understand our organization, brand, and goals to tell our story through video. Their technical expertise in recording, lighting, staging, and editing is top notch, but the real value comes in their storytelling and strength interviewing.
Mandy Arola
Director of Marketing, Nashville Software School
I have worked with Push Focus on many different projects throughout the years and Matt always produces high quality work. He is highly creative and very responsive during the planning process. You can count on him for consistently impressive finished products.
Lauren Henslee
Manager, Greater Nashville Tech Council
Push Focus is one of my absolute favorite production partners. They got it all; Craft, excellent crew, technical know-how. I trust them so much, I didn't even attend the last shoot we did together. That never happens... I look forward to our next production together. They always go over and beyond.
Carissa Ranelycke
Global Head of Production, Einride

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We focus on understanding your story and figuring out the best way to tell it, based on your audience and your budget.


We are a team of highly trained, creative professionals that love what we do. That means we keep the creation process stress-free and enjoyable, while creating something beautiful and engaging.


If a tree falls in the woods and nobody hears it, does it make a sound? What about if a video is created and nobody sees it?

We know that without effective strategies to get your content in front of your target audience, it doesn't make much of an impact. So, we'll work with you to make sure your audience is as focused and as large as possible.