The Centennial Bar

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We created a straightforward and humorous website for The Centennial Bar, an established upscale dive bar, using WordPress to maintain a simple, dark, and dive-bar vibe, allowing the client to make future edits independently.
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Local Bar

The Centennial Bar, a beloved neighborhood dive bar in The Nations, Nashville, has been the go-to spot for craft beer enthusiasts and those seeking a good time since its inception in 2015. Founded by two friends—one rooted in Nashville and the other having relocated from the US Virgin Islands—the bar prides itself on serving both craft beer and classic favorites, offering a limited but outstanding food menu, providing ample outdoor seating, and ensuring a fun atmosphere for all patrons. Despite their popularity, The Centennial lacked an online presence until they enlisted our help.

Our Mission

Our mission was clear: design a website that echoed the dive bar's laid-back, humorous ambiance while ensuring it could be easily updated by the bar's staff in the future. We chose WordPress as the platform, a user-friendly CMS that aligns with the client's desire for independence in content management.

The website's overall aesthetic was intentionally kept simple, with a dark color scheme to mirror the bar's cozy and intimate atmosphere.

We wanted online visitors to get the same friendly, unpretentious vibe they'd experience when stepping into The Centennial.

Throughout the project, we prioritized keeping things straightforward, avoiding corporate jargon, and maintaining an approachable tone that resonated with the bar's regulars. Our partnership with The Centennial was about capturing the essence of their establishment and bringing it to life on the web.

Dive Bar We All Love

In the end, it was a pleasure to work on a project like this. Bringing a touch of the dive bar's character to their online presence was both enjoyable and rewarding.

We're thrilled to have played a part in helping The Centennial Bar, a cherished local establishment, connect with its community in a whole new way.

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