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We created a series of three engaging television commercials for Newton Nissan, a reputable automotive dealership in Tennessee, focusing on their easy trade-in program, featuring a talking car costume character that highlighted the vehicle transformation.
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Creative Direction

Newton Nissan, a well-respected automotive dealership in Tennessee, known for their dedication to quality vehicles and excellent customer service, approached us with a creative challenge.

They wanted to promote their easy trade-in program through a series of television commercials that would resonate with their audience.


The key milestone of the project revolved around the creation of three distinctive commercials that followed a captivating storyline. Each commercial featured a person dressed as a talking car costume, symbolizing the customer's old vehicle. This whimsical character initially expressed fear and reluctance toward the vehicle check-up but ultimately underwent a transformation that made them "like new."

The commercials successfully conveyed the idea that trading in your old car at Newton Nissan can lead to a thrilling upgrade.

What We Accomplished

We executed this project efficiently, filming all three commercials in just two days, using two primary actors, and involving several extras from the dealership staff to add authenticity and charm to the commercials. The result was a compelling advertising campaign that showcased Newton Nissan's commitment to making car buying and trading experiences both enjoyable and rewarding for their customers.


With a talking car costume character and a captivating storyline, these ads not only entertained but also conveyed the message that at Newton Nissan, old cars can be transformed into something better, driving home the dealership's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

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