Korea House

Web Design

We created a sleek and user-friendly website for Korea House, a well-loved Korean restaurant in West Nashville, using WordPress for easy future edits, and maintaining a simple, authentic vibe that matched the restaurant's ambiance.
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Getting Started

Korea House, a cherished Korean restaurant in West Nashville, had been serving its community for years, but they were missing a crucial online presence – they didn't have a website. Our team recognized the opportunity to lend a helping hand by building them a website from scratch. Using WordPress, we ensured that the restaurant could easily update and manage the site themselves down the road.

Korea House Essence

One of the key milestones in this project was capturing the essence of Korea House. We focused on keeping the website's vibe sleek and straightforward, aligning it with the authenticity of their food.

Our design choices revolved around simplicity, mirroring the restaurant's ambiance.

The color scheme we used was deliberately kept simple and dark to complement the cozy and inviting atmosphere of the physical space.

Working with Korea House was a delightful experience. As we collaborated to bring their vision to life online, we felt a sense of pride in helping a local establishment thrive in the digital age. Creating a user-friendly platform for them to connect with their customers and showcase their delicious Korean cuisine was not only fulfilling but also a testament to the power of technology in enhancing the presence of beloved local businesses.

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