We documented the groundbreaking event of Einride's self-driving truck making its inaugural journey on a public road, marking a historic milestone as the first self-driving commercial vehicle on a public road in the United States.
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Transportation Milestone

Einride's groundbreaking venture into the American transportation landscape represents a paradigm shift in the industry. As we chronicled the momentous occasion when their self-driving truck embarked on its historic journey on a U.S. public road, it became apparent that this milestone was not just another technological feat but a transformative step towards the future of transportation.

This achievement not only marked a significant stride for Einride but also ushered in a new era of autonomous commercial vehicles on American roads.

Capturing Historic Landscapes

Our journey took us to iconic locations steeped in American transportation history. From the first major railroad to the location of the first airplane flight to Cape Canaveral, we meticulously filmed these sites in their pristine, vehicle-free state.

Shift in Transportation

The absence of modern vehicles in our footage allowed us to emphasize the profound shift brought about by Einride's self-driving truck, showcasing how this innovation aligns with and shapes the rich tapestry of American transportation heritage.

A Part of History

Working on this project was an absolute thrill. We got to witness and document Einride's pivotal moment in American transportation history and explore iconic landmarks along the way. It was about more than just capturing moments; it was about being part of something historic and showcasing the exciting future of transportation in the United States.

This project was an incredible experience, and we're excited to have been a part of it.

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