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We collaborated with DOE, a gospel artist under RCA Records, to capture interviews about her artistic journey and upcoming album. Simultaneously, we produced a variety of engaging content for her social media channels, including games and liners.
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Project Goals

Our project with DOE was multifaceted and dynamic. First and foremost, we had the privilege of conducting in-depth interviews with the artist, delving into her rich history in the gospel music industry and exploring the creative process behind her forthcoming album. These interviews provided invaluable insights into her career and allowed us to craft a captivating narrative that would resonate with her audience.

In addition to the interviews, we ventured into the realm of social media content creation.

We conceptualized and filmed a series of games, liners, and other engaging materials tailored to DOE's unique style and brand.

These bite-sized pieces of content were designed to keep her followers entertained and connected, ensuring a consistent online presence and interaction.

Post Production

The post-production phase was equally intensive. We meticulously edited over 40 individual short-form videos, each carefully crafted to deliver a specific message or engage the audience in a different way. Furthermore, we skillfully pieced together the interviews, weaving them into a long-form documentary series that offered a deep dive into DOE's journey as an artist and the story behind her upcoming album. This series not only served as a testament to her talent but also as a compelling promotional tool, generating excitement among her fanbase.

The project was just plain fun.

Working on this project was genuinely enjoyable, from start to finish. Her talent and positivity were infectious and inspiring.

Quantity & Quality

The beauty of a project like this is that we were able to capture so much content in such a short time, while also maintaining such a high quality product.

What's Next?

With an artist like DOE, it's clear that the next thing to happen is continuous exposure and growth. Or to be more blunt, fame and fortune.

With talent like this, it feels inevitable.

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