Creating Lead Magnets That Convert


Video 4 - Creating a Lead Magnet Landing Page

In this video we're going to focus on the crucial next steps after creating your lead magnet. We'll guide you through effectively posting and advertising it to attract and convert your target audience. 

Before we do, though, let me tell you a quick case study about a book written by Naura Hayden, because it’s going to illustrate one of the most important aspects of creating an effective lead magnet.

In 1982, Naura published her book, Astro-Logical Love, and it didn’t do very well, It sold about 2,000 copies. However, a publisher in New York read the book and had an idea. He bought the rights to the book and republished it. But he didn’t change a single word in the book. The only thing he changed was the title and the cover. Instead of calling it Astro-Logical Love, he changed the title to How to Satisfy a Woman Every Time…and Have Her Beg for More. In the first 18 months the book sold over 2 million copies and became a New York Times bestseller. 

The actual value of the book didn’t change. The difference was that his title made the value of the book clear. 

This is an important illustration of how much of a difference the right presentation and words can make. You have to grab somebody’s attention and convince them that you have an immediate solution to their problem. Cause even though you’re calling your offer “FREE”, they are still paying for it with their name and email address. 

So let’s walk through some examples of what your landing page for your lead magnet should include, because there are some clear rules that you need to follow to maximize your lead generation.

First, like we discussed, you need a clear and concise headline, and it needs to clearly state the value of your offer. For example instead of calling your lead magnet, Tips for Homebuyers, you could call it 5 Things To Avoid When Buying Your First Home that Could Save You $5,000. Your audience knows exactly what value you are offering with your resource.

Second, you need a compelling subheadline that explains what the customer can expect when they enter their information. An example would be “Simply enter your email address and our free PDF ebook will be emailed directly to you.”

Third, you need to tell them exactly where to input their information and make it visually clear. Keep the form simple and only ask for their name and email address. If you ask for too much, you’ll get less submissions and lower your conversion rate.

Fourth, you need to show them what they’ll be getting. If you’re providing an ebook, don’t use a stock image or something like that. If your lead magnet is an ebook, use a mockup of the book cover can be effective. Make sure the cover is visually appealing and reflects the topic of the ebook.

Fifth, you need to provide additional information in easy to digest bullet points. Don’t give away all the information, but make it clear what they can expect to learn or get from your offer.

And last, you need your page load time to be as fast as possible. If someone has to wait too long for your page to load, they’re going to either leave before it does, or they won’t even trust your offer when they see it. 

By adhering to these principles, you can significantly enhance the effectiveness of your lead magnet, which will create more leads and increase your conversion rates.

So, As we conclude our video series on creating a lead magnet that converts, remember that this is just the beginning of your journey in building an effective sales funnel. Once you've captured leads, the next step is to nurture them through the funnel, gradually elevating their awareness and interest until they become loyal customers, taking them all the way to the top of the pyramid.

And since this series is one of our lead magnets, if you’ve found it helpful and would like to learn even more, you can book a free consultation where can help you strategize and refine your sales funnel to grow your business.

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