Creating Lead Magnets That Convert


Video 3 - Attributes of an Effective Lead Magnet

In this video we’re going to walk through the first step in creating a lead magnet. Now, if you don’t know what a lead magnet is, it’s a free item or service that you offer to potential customers to get their contact information. And to be more specific, what you want to create is something called an HVCO, or a high value content offer. 

There are five attributes that make an effective lead magnet, or high value content offer, and we’re going to go through each one individually.

First, it needs to be relevant. And by relevant, we mean relevant to your specific audience. You need to know who your dream buyer is and what need they have, so that you can provide it. If you are a company that sells running strollers, then your dream buyer might be young women pregnant with her first child, that enjoys running. A relevant lead magnet for that audience might be a postpartum fitness tracker or maybe a stroller fitness workout plan. 

Second, it needs to be value driven. This means it should provide substantial value and provide benefits that are immediately useful. In our example of a running stroller company, the postpartum fitness tracker might not be immediately useful, so might consider doing something like a Workout Plan for Women in their third trimester, since it would be immediately useful to your audience.

Third, it needs to be instantly gratifying. Now, we already established that is should be immediately useful, but this step is referring to the fact that they need to receive the offer immediately once they provide the required contact information. We’ve all experienced the feeling of signing up for a trial or free offer and being told they’ll review your information and get back to you in 24 hours. By the time you actually receive the offer, you’ve probably forgotten why you actually wanted it and there’s good chance their email might get lost in the sea of promotional emails you get. 

Fourth, it needs to be high quality. Like we said in a previous video, this is your first interaction with this customer. When you promise value you have to deliver. If you offer a third trimester workout plan and all they receive from you is a text file with some workout names, and maybe a schedule, then you’re going to lose their trust and you’ll never be able to move them up your sales funnel. Instead, you could consider a video series that demonstrates each exercise, paired up with a detailed spreadsheet schedule they can use for tracking. That provides value and shows your expertise. For us, we not only created this detailed video series, but we also created a website that summarizes the information and allows the user to keep track of their sales funnel ideas and implementation. This provides real value to our customers and demonstrates our knowledge and skill in video production and web design.

Now, the last attribute of an effective lead magnet is that it should provide lead qualification. This one is a little tougher to explain, but basically what it means is that you want the people that it captures to be qualified leads. We’ve said that for the running stroller company, their ideal customer is a young pregnant woman that enjoys running. They would be a qualified lead. An unqualified lead would be a 13 year old boy, or a 50 year old man, or even a young woman that doesn’t plan on having kids. The more specific your lead magnet is to your audience, and your audience alone, the more effective it is in qualifying the leads. This saves you time, money, and effort as these customers work their way through your sales funnel.

Now that we've explored the key attributes of an effective lead magnet, you're well-equipped to create one that resonates with your audience and captures their interest. In the next video, we'll dive into the strategies for posting and advertising your lead magnet, ensuring you maximize its potential to generate leads and increase revenue. So stay tuned!

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